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Don’t worry. 

It’s hard when you hear these words from someone because you think they don’t understand. Because you feel like they’re merely saying it to put your heart at rest quickly. It’s easier said than done sometimes. We all know that.  They’re true though. You shouldn’t worry. You shouldn’t let them affect you. You shouldn’t let … Continue reading Don’t worry. 


What is beauty? Is it when everyone thinks you look beautiful? Is it when you have clear skin or nice hair? Is it when your smile fills a room with happiness? What is beauty? Beauty is truly subjective and that’s its…beauty. What I find beautiful could be a complete contrast to what you do and … Continue reading Beauty. 


Winter. It’s a beautiful time of year. Lights are colourful and bright. Cosy nights in and binge watching tv whilst being wrapped up in a warm blanket.  It’s truly cosy. But this time of year is also dark and gloomy. Cold winter nights and wet outside. Days are shorter and there is less to do … Continue reading Winter. 

Make up. 

I was roughly 15 when I began getting into make up. The classic blue eyeshadow/eyeliner and glossy lip was my signature look. So much has changed in the world of make up, it’s truly mesmerising. I would love class photos so I could do my friends make up. It was something that I prided myself … Continue reading Make up. 

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