What is beauty? Is it when everyone thinks you look beautiful? Is it when you have clear skin or nice hair? Is it when your smile fills a room with happiness? What is beauty?

Beauty is truly subjective and that’s its…beauty. What I find beautiful could be a complete contrast to what you do and that’s great. If we all found the same thing beautiful there would be so much that we’d neglect or dislike. There wouldn’t be such a diverse range of individuals or cultures. Travelling wouldn’t be as exciting neither would everyday life. 

Some days you might not find yourself beautiful and some days you might. Some things you may be able to change and some you might. But you never know who might be loving those little freckles on your face or your round nose. They might tell you you’re beautiful or for whatever reason they might not. 

How many times have you found a guy/girl good looking and perhaps were too shy to say? How many times did someone’s personality make your day and you had a truly beautiful moment?

Every time you witness some form of beauty, say it. Share it. Enjoy it. Be the reason someone feels good about themselves. Put a cute outfit on and tell yourself that you’re beautiful. Because you are. You’re unique. There is no one in the world like you. You’re beautiful because you’re you. 

Keep smiling. xo


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