Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel – Review

Now isn’t that a lengthy product title??! But like the title, the product advantages are long too..

I will firstly explain my skin type/condition. I had pretty good skin until 2016 when suddenly, out of the blue, I was blessed with adult acne. My skin breaks out, has spots that have now taken residence on my face and some scarring. It is also combination but slightly drier on the cheeks as I use skincare that dries my skin. So, what I look for in BB creams and foundation is hydration and plenty of it.

I can’t remember how I stumbled across this product but I was probably on YouTube.  Suffering with acne is horrible but I didn’t want to completely cover my face in a mask. Firstly, this product offers a medium coverage so spots wont immediately disappear, you will still need a concealer. What it will do is give you a lovely base that will hide most of your redness, scarring and give you a hydrating feel that wont suffocate your skin. I use my fingers as I can really work it into the skin.

The price point also isn’t too bad. It is £28 and lasts a good 3/4 months with everyday use; granted I use about a  chickpea amount and then dab extra on the areas that need a little more help. My favourite thing about this product is that it wont cling to dry areas.. if anything it moisturises them :). If you have slightly oilier skin type, I think it will still work and moisturise your skin but a powder may be required on top to set it in place; perhaps not great if your skin is too oily.

There are more benefits…

Contained in this small tube is spf 30 that wont break your skin out (some break me out!), is oil free and non-comedogenic meaning that it wont block your pores. Therefore, if you have acne or acne prone skin then it wont contribute to more lol. Furthermore, the shade range is impressive for this  type of product. Available in 16 shades there is something for everyone with skin tones that range from light to medium-dark. Deep skin types may find it difficult to find their shade.

Perhaps the only downside to this product is that the shade I use (ginger) is a little pinky toned which doesn’t help the redness. However, with some concealer on top that can be toned down.

I could talk about this product for ages but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hear that xD I like this product a lot and will try another BB creams to compare to this (I may have found one..!). I hope you liked this product review and would love to hear your recommendations 🙂


Raz x






Don’t worry. 

It’s hard when you hear these words from someone because you think they don’t understand. Because you feel like they’re merely saying it to put your heart at rest quickly. It’s easier said than done sometimes. We all know that. 

They’re true though. You shouldn’t worry. You shouldn’t let them affect you. You shouldn’t let other people’s words be a representation of who you are. You shouldn’t let anyone worry you. 

At the end of the day, you make your own decisions. You’re your own person. You have your own opinions and beliefs. They might be influenced by external factors but they’re yours. No one else’s. 

Choose happiness. Choose the best for you. Choose you. 

Keep smiling.xo


What is beauty? Is it when everyone thinks you look beautiful? Is it when you have clear skin or nice hair? Is it when your smile fills a room with happiness? What is beauty?

Beauty is truly subjective and that’s its…beauty. What I find beautiful could be a complete contrast to what you do and that’s great. If we all found the same thing beautiful there would be so much that we’d neglect or dislike. There wouldn’t be such a diverse range of individuals or cultures. Travelling wouldn’t be as exciting neither would everyday life. 

Some days you might not find yourself beautiful and some days you might. Some things you may be able to change and some you might. But you never know who might be loving those little freckles on your face or your round nose. They might tell you you’re beautiful or for whatever reason they might not. 

How many times have you found a guy/girl good looking and perhaps were too shy to say? How many times did someone’s personality make your day and you had a truly beautiful moment?

Every time you witness some form of beauty, say it. Share it. Enjoy it. Be the reason someone feels good about themselves. Put a cute outfit on and tell yourself that you’re beautiful. Because you are. You’re unique. There is no one in the world like you. You’re beautiful because you’re you. 

Keep smiling. xo


Winter. It’s a beautiful time of year. Lights are colourful and bright. Cosy nights in and binge watching tv whilst being wrapped up in a warm blanket. 

It’s truly cosy. But this time of year is also dark and gloomy. Cold winter nights and wet outside. Days are shorter and there is less to do outside. 

Make the most of this time to concentrate on you. Make time for you. If you like drawing, use this time indoors for that. If you like singing, make time to sing your favourite song and maybe record it. If you like playing games, use this time to get a good score on your favourite game. Read a book and melt into the words

Reflect on the things you love. Enjoy the moment to just do what you want to do. 

Keep smiling.xo

Make up. 

I was roughly 15 when I began getting into make up. The classic blue eyeshadow/eyeliner and glossy lip was my signature look. So much has changed in the world of make up, it’s truly mesmerising.

I would love class photos so I could do my friends make up. It was something that I prided myself in; knowing what colours suited my friends and what lip colour to choose to make them feel most confident. 

Enrolling on a make up course this year was possibly the most exciting and fulfilling thing I have done all year. It was during that period of my life that I needed something distracting to get away from life. The makeup course opened my eyes to all the different face shapes, tones and types. Something that I took into account when doing make up but not knowing the correct terminology or reason; I just knew it looked good. 

I’ve never been good at art but make up makes me feel creative. Makes me feel good in so many ways. I can’t explain it. I think I have found my passion in life. Something that makes me truly happy regardless of whether it may become a career or not. It doesn’t matter. I want to pursue it and become better at it. I believe practice makes perfect and I can perfect this. 

I would love to become a make up artist. Travel the world. It will happen. Even if it doesn’t, I will enjoy the journey. 

Keep smiling. 


How often does this word go through your head? 

Why did I choose this career? Why did I choose this job? Why don’t I move away? Why do I stay here? Why?

Sometimes we know the answer, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we will, sometimes we never will. But, without changing our situation, we will always ask ourselves the same question. Without trying to change, they never will.

If you’re truly questioning yourself, then things need to change. Don’t wait until the questions are answered, because if you wait, they might never be answered. 

Be the change, make it happen. Change it, but don’t let it change you. 

When did this happen?

Its November, where the nights are short and the days are cold. Your bones are physically cold and your hands are numb.

You’ve been switching channels for 20 minutes in hope of finding something remotely entertaining. You’re cuddled on the sofa, too worried to move an inch in fear of losing your somewhat warm spot.

When did this happen? When did boring become the norm? But..Is it boring though? Or is this okay?

Why are we constantly searching for something? A new TV show or new place to eat. A new hobby or new job. Why can’t we just be… content?

In a world where everything is fast, you feel like you’d be missing out if you didn’t surf the wave. In a world with fast food places, where within minutes you have food available straight to your mouth. Within minutes you can have a meal microwaved without even cooking anything. That’s exactly why you feel guilty of just being…content.

Everything changes and sometimes that’s good. A bad situation is never bad for too long. But it’s okay to just.. be content. Not having to feel guilty for taking it slow or easy. Not feeling bad if you just want to have a lazy day in. It’s okay.

I always wanted the easy life and felt guilty if I didn’t keep up. But you know, taking it at your own pace releases the pressure. Set goals, have ambitions, but don’t worry if they take slightly longer than expected. Enjoy the moment because before you know it, you’ve been living in the future and forgetting the present.


There aren’t enough hours..

Sometimes you’re your own worst enemy. You overthink situations or conversations. You always look at the bad that happened or the wrong actions. But it’s so easy to do. 

During those tough emotions, your thoughts are whirling through your head uncontrollably. It’s like your mind is on a rollercoaster all day, every day. 

You’re not alone. Behind every persons smile, there may be an internal heartbreak. Behind every laugh, there may be a person crying deeply inside. But that’s what makes the human race beautiful; their ability to laugh when they want to cry. To smile when they want to shout. To stay when they want to run. 

You’re beautiful. There aren’t enough hours in the day to tell everyone of you. But you are. You can’t control other people but you can control you. Let you be you. Choose happiness. Choose love. Choose you. 

It’s not selfishness. You’re not only being  the best version of you for you, but also other people. Be that person that people enjoy the company of and that they want to be around. Life is beautiful and so are you. Keep smiling. 


Welcome reader! You’ve probably stumbled across this blog unaware of what to expect. Well, I can guarantee to you unfiltered life thoughts, random beauty shenanigans and general fun ^^

If you have read through all this then you deserve a cake..or apple (depending on your preference, although I know which one I’d choose!).

Keep smiling and I’m sure I’ll see you soon 🙂 xo

Have you ever?

It’s me again – Gosh this writing malarkey is addictive!

It’s early morning and I’m sat here wondering about life (no change there!).

Have you ever wondered what your life will be in the coming years? Wondered whether you’ll still be in the same house, city, job or with the same friends? Have you ever thought why you didn’t relocate or choose a certain career choice when you were younger? Have you ever sat at work and thought… why am I sat here? 

If your answers to the above were yes, that’s okay. We might not have all the answers right now. We might not know at all the reasons why. It doesn’t matter. Life is what we make it. 

I choose to make it the best possible and you can too. Live each day positively, regardless of how much it tries to put you down. Keep going. You’ll get exactly where you want to be. I promise.